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09 Titan Diesel?

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Don't know how much of this rumor has been disgused, but every since hearing about somebody spotting a heavier version beingh tested in a post yesterday I thought I would search around and find what rumors exist.

In another article in this months Truck Trend magazine that I picked up today, they confirmed that it was reported in a trade paper in Japan that Nissan has signed a deal with Navistar(who makes Fords diesel) to produce a small diesel for an upcoming Titan 1/2 ton and are saying the new engine may presumably be a V6 turbodiesel. Trucktrend is saying that it is likely a 2010 release as is the new Altima diesel.

Just thought I would share
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txfoster said:
I have been around this block but if all you 08 owners will look at the info center control knob on the insturment panel. At the 2 o' clock position about a half inch up you WILL see a the universal glow plug symbol screening on the guage surface.
nice catch! i wonder if they use this instrument cluster in other countries too and that may be why it's there? then again the don't really do MPH anywhere else.. so who knows.

i think the diesel would definitely help the titan, especially with the ford and toyota rumors flying.

time will tell. staying tuned.
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