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09 Titan Diesel?

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Don't know how much of this rumor has been disgused, but every since hearing about somebody spotting a heavier version beingh tested in a post yesterday I thought I would search around and find what rumors exist.

In another article in this months Truck Trend magazine that I picked up today, they confirmed that it was reported in a trade paper in Japan that Nissan has signed a deal with Navistar(who makes Fords diesel) to produce a small diesel for an upcoming Titan 1/2 ton and are saying the new engine may presumably be a V6 turbodiesel. Trucktrend is saying that it is likely a 2010 release as is the new Altima diesel.

Just thought I would share
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Falling sales??? Jesus. Where are they losing sales? Come to my town and you will see Titans all over the freakin place. The Nissan dealership can't keep 'em in their lot they are selling so good. You will see used newer Chevy's, dodges, and a lot of 150s in used car lots around here.
I was in Vegas for about 4 months a few moths back, and there were more titans than any other truck except for the cummins dodges.
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