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09 Titan SE CC From WNC

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Hello everyone, I bought my 09 Titan CC back in the fall and I am enjoying driving it every day.

I have just put on the Stage 2 performance package from Nightowl of CajunBPipe and Uprev from Seymore. Could not have ask for better treatment, I have question them a lot and they were very patient with me and could not say enough good things about them and I would highly recommend them for your exhaust and tuner for your Titan.

Thank you Nightowl and Seymore for the great service and getting more power out of my Titan.

My next mods is a CAI, brakes and shocks on all corners.
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I'm sure it runs like a totally different truck!
Still doing some data logging, but it is totally different for sure.
Welcome. Want to let you know that we have a Titan Meet in Pigeon Forge, TN in August.
What are the dates on the meet in Pigeon Forge?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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