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1 qt low after 1500 miles on M1

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I changed my oil about 2 months ago to M1 truck and SUV with 4800 miles on the odo. I checked it this weekend and it was 1 qt low. Anyone else have this problem. I didn't smell any oil burnig and the oil filter and drain bolt is clean. I know some vehicles will burn some when they first make the switch over to a full syntetic. Hopefully this is what it is.

I changed the factory fill with Chevron Supreme at 1200 miles. I just got the Timing advance and CAI and have been dropping the hammer alot. I also do alot of intown stop and start (severe use) in cold temps. I topped it off and I will see if it needs anymore. I have checked the oil 4-5 times since I changed it over 2 mos ago and never noticed any loss. O well.
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You changed it yourself?
And you know it was full?
M1 is pretty slippery. We run it in the blue thing.
My Titan runs on Dinosaur juices.
Yea I did it myself. I put in 7 quarts to bring it to the full mark.
AF-Medic said:
Yea I did it myself. I put in 7 quarts to bring it to the full mark.
7qts and it's LOW???? Oil filter and change should be 6.5 qts. of M1. I never had any burn or lowered levels, of course my third oil change went straight to M1 5w-30 synthetic. How many miles were you posting before you finally went to the good stuff? Anyway.....sounds like it's not an issue anymore. may be you just miscalculated the first time???
I switched to M1 at the 4800 mile mark. When I did the change. I put in 7 quarts. Thats howmuch it took to get to the full mark On the dip stick. I like it touching right at the bottom of the high mark.. I also used a Napa gold filter. There's alot of folks that put 7 quarts in to bring it up to full. Ill keep an eye on it now. Maybe it just wanted to mes with me . It's one year old birhtday is coming up
The manual claims 6.5 but most of us use 7 and it fills it. I've never lost an ounce of oil between changes. I'd suggest just keeping an eye on things for a while. Make sure eveything is tight...filter, drain plug...etc.
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