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$100 off wheels and tires right now

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I was just surfing the net, I am thinking about snaggin a new set of wheels and tires I was browesing the sites, tirerack, superbuytires and came to, I thought there was a catch but there isn't, they are running a $100.00 discount when you buy a wheel and tire package online. any package!!!, jump on this I am thinking about buying an extra set to sell later.

I'm thinking about getting the 18x9" Chrome MB Express wheels w/ 285.65.18 Nitto Terragrapplers The package with the Discount is only $1436.16 delivered!!!

EDIT: I got to the checkout page and you actually save $200 on ANY package you buy. The discount it for $100 off any 4 wheels "OR" Tires put them together and you save $200.00
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