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100K Tuneup

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At 102,000 miles my 04 CC 4X4 started running very rough and actually died several times, so I decided that it was time for the big one. I took it to Lithia Nissan in Medford OR., my usal shop. Bottom line was $1500.00 for the tuneup which included tranny,radiator,power steering and brake fluid flush and change, Spark plugs, oil change, front brakes and rotors plus the multi point inspection. They found the problem that was making her run rough, a loose groung wire, they said was common after the CAI mod.
It did make a big difference, she is running GREAT!!!
For anyone in northern CA and southern OR I highly recommend Lithia Nissan in Medford OR...

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I have 110,000 truck still runs great. I don't want to take it to the dealer but "Joes" garage isn't too appealing either. I would rather have the work done by a certified Nissan tech. I guess it's get ready to bend over :teethmast I am sure they will find something to run the bill to $2,000
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