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Just bought a 2015 Titan with 105k miles and have been knocking out a bunch of maintenance items. Previous owner appears to have been good about maintenance based on Carfax records. But at 105k it's time to change the spark plugs along with an oil change and cabin air filter. Observations here as a new owner on each of those;

Cabin air filter - very easy to change, old one was certainly gross. Threw in an STP carbon one as it was the same price as the regular one.

Oil change - I read in the manual there's supposed to be an access panel for the filter, but my truck doesn't have it. Noticed one of the bolts to the skid plate had been sheered off already. Hit the remaining ones with PB Blaster and when I reinstalled used anti seize to be safe.
Also the oil drains out of the crankcase faster than any vehicle I've ever owned! I was nervous my pan was going to overflow (it's that kind that is the storage bin too). Took 6.2L of Kirkland Signature full synthetic 5w-30.

Spark plugs - I couldn't believe the first change is at 105k. The truck had been idling a little funny with some almost knocking like sounds. Turns out those plugs needed to be changed because new ones are a world of difference. Some WD-40 was key in removing the old ones. Cylinder 6 was my bigger pain due to the cables in front of it, but nothing too bad. Controversial move here; I put a little bit of anti-seize on the threads. I know NGK says not to, but Denso doesn't say anything about it so I was playing it safe. Also solid form anti seize (like a glue stick) is life changing. It's so much easier to use without making a horrible mess.
Installed Denso iridium TT plugs, figured they should be about on par with NGK ix. But AutoZone had a $10 rebate on a "set" so I placed 2 orders of 4 plugs because I love deals

Here are pictures of those spark plugs. I expected them to look much worse considering how it was running and that it had 105k miles

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