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13 sec. club just got bigger

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With the cool weather we got down here,just helped my new DR's get in to the 13 N/A
Lets keep pushing that bar!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yamatitan said:
Hey great run and sorry i didn't get to talk longer. Congrats on the run you stayed pretty good with that lightning.
hey did james give you your 2* timing? i was so excited about my times, that when i thought about your advance you were gone already. and i feel bad, i sure hope james did it for you, if not i am coming that way on the 30th and will do it for you then. glad to meet a fellow louisiana titan member.
I was still getting some wheel spin when i took off.If i can get it to hook up,might be able to get a 1.8 60'.We'll see,i think she still have a little left in her.Just got to get a helmet now.
hey "dbolemiss", what were your 60ft's before UPREV?
Just wondering how much your WOT changed after tuning??
I never ran it before most of my mods.My first time at the track i did a 14.23.
tj's2wdtitan said:
what size radials?
You can see in this post what i'm running.
cool new sig Donnie:thumbsup:
Thanks paparyno,my wife had a little time on her hands that we didn't get to go race,hope sunday works for us,but we are going to look at new armadas tomorrow,lol.The race might cost me some money.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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