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13 sec. club just got bigger

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With the cool weather we got down here,just helped my new DR's get in to the 13 N/A
Lets keep pushing that bar!!!!!!!!!!!!
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:cheers: !!! To Ya.. And I great big WOOWWWW!!!
With the mods you have, you've definitely got a Smokin TITAN!!
We'll keep an eye on you.
Definitely tell "markislive"'s influence..:eveilgrin
Anyway.. congrats again... great start to the weekend
hey "dbolemiss", what were your 60ft's before UPREV?
Just wondering how much your WOT changed after tuning??
hey "dbolemiss"... been watchin your vids this morning and just had to tell ya again....


That's one quick TITAN..

also... cool PIT CREW ... hehe
great job:cheers:
cool new sig Donnie:thumbsup:
dbolemiss said:
Thanks paparyno,my wife had a little time on her hands that we didn't get to go race,hope sunday works for us,but we are going to look at new armadas tomorrow,lol.The race might cost me some money.

$$ lol.... oh well,, she'll LOVE the Armada's. We love ours. Tremendously better ride and the seats sit differently.. More comfortable!!!:D Good luck
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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