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13 sec. club just got bigger

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With the cool weather we got down here,just helped my new DR's get in to the 13 N/A
Lets keep pushing that bar!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey great run and sorry i didn't get to talk longer. Congrats on the run you stayed pretty good with that lightning.
dbolemiss said:
hey did james give you your 2* timing? i was so excited about my times, that when i thought about your advance you were gone already. and i feel bad, i sure hope james did it for you, if not i am coming that way on the 30th and will do it for you then. glad to meet a fellow louisiana titan member.
Sorry forgot about this post. Yea James did it for me. Thanks alot. I couldnt make it the 30th i have college finals and am studying my butt off. I love the advance could defiantly tell a difference. It was good to meet you too.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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