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I have an '07 titan and am currently running a DI/SO 18in Magnaflow and am looking for more sound. I have on order a 14in DI/DO with Tru-x which is like a built in X-pipe. I have searched many hours on this forum to see if anyone was using the 14in in a DI/DO configuration and couldn't find any. I found a few with the DI/SO but that was it. Now, I now the JBA is the catback of choice and have heard nothing but good about it. It just seems like I would be going backwards installing a Y-pipe on an '07. I would be running 2.25 pipes straight out the back and keeping everything the same in front of the muffler. Does anyone have experience with this set up. I want more sound but do not want to lose any low end(don't care if I gain). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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