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First of all, let me say that I really appreciate all the great Titan info on here. Thanks to you all I've spent all my "disposable" income. I have a 2008 Crew Cab Pro4X LWB. Added a Volant CAI, MagnaFlow muffler swap, a BDGT (2* timing 89 tune) and firestone airbags for towing. I've ran a couple performance tests on the BDGT on the way into work and the best 1/4 mile was 15.5. I've never even been to a track so I'm not sure if this is any good for my make/model.
I'm not looking to be the fastest truck around, but I want to be prepared for that jack*ss that dares to challenge me!

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It's not bad for a 4dr 4x4.

I said somewhere in the beginning that I, too, did not care about going fast in my T. Then the CAI and exhaust got my blood pumping, and putting in headers to replace cracked manifolds just sealed my fate.
I haven't been to the track, but based on my mods a good run with a good DA should see me in the high 13s.
My end goal with this T is mid to low 12s with the addition of cams, TC and spray.
There will still be domestic trucks that'll beat me, but the chances of meeting a faster T in person are very small at that point.
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