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17" Off Road package wheels F/S NJ

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I am selling the 4 wheels without tps sensors.
there are tires on them but they are near bald.
I can leave these tires on or remove them. Would prefer pickup but would ship at your expense. The wheels are in great condition, they have some miles on them but still look good, no major scratches or rub marks, they are straight and not bent.
$200 obo
I am in Bergen County NJ northeast NJ
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pictures, no bends, or deep scratches at all, a few minor scuffs in paint, from handling, I zoomed to show those, overall they are in good condition, bo major blemishes. Also forgot that one tire was unmounted so it is 3 rims with tires 1 without, but again the tires are done, I have not gotten time to have the other 3 unmounted , but would for shipping purposes.


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