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17" off-road wheels for sale

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I have 4 Powder Coated 17" Off-Road Wheels and one stock 17" Off-Road Wheel with a new Rugged Trail on it. I'd like $300 for all, local pick-up only (unless you can arange delivery). Here is a pick of my truck with the wheels. Or trade for some 18" wheels, 2008 if possible..

I might have a set of TPMS sensors to go along with it.
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Yellomantis said:
I had a feeling you were gonna bump this once I saw those OEM 18's for sale....... :D
Gots to do what I gots to do!:coolsmile
Bump again.
I bump this thread..
if you blive in my country...err state, Texas

i would get them from you...
I am working on a deal for some black powder coated ones right now, but they are more expensive. Do you have the low air sensors? What is the price without the tires?
Derwud said:
Anyone wanna trade for stock 18's?

How about trading spare for spare, my 17" brand new never mounted spare for your 18" spare.
I have a spare 5 spoke chrome SE wheel with a near new tire. I will sell if your interested.
I am interested in the wheels. They don't look powder coated in the pic though...what color are they? I am in San Diego, and have 5 stock 18" 5 spoke 2004 SE rims with stock Goodyear junk on them, 20k miles if you are interested in a trade or something. thanks
I have my stock 2007 SE 18's with 8600 miles on them.... I want to put 315/70-17 BFG A/T's on my truck (already have them). I have a 4" CST spindle lift with a 2" spacer in front and the 2" block in rear. Will your stock wheels work with my BFG tires or will they rub the spindles etc.?

I am in Huntington Beach....
My wheels are sold..
Got anthing else good for sale?
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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