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17" Stock Nissan 4x4 wheels

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If anybody looking for these wheels i have a set just sitting in my garage with Firestone tires on it, although not much mileage left on the tires. I will try to get pictures this weekend. Feel free to make me an offer
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they would be sold if we weren't so far.. you don't come to mississippi any by chance do you
Nope unfortunately i don't... i could ship them but it would be at your cost.
Yep i used to almost every weekend to go racing and riding dirtbikes over in the Heflin, Birmingham Alabama area, now just random occasions. Also forgot to mention one of the rims flaking for some reason but im going to swap that wheel with my spare tire rim (same wheel) so you will have 4 good wheels. Also anyone interested let me know if you want me to leave the tires on there or if you want me to have them dismounted i can just send the wheels.
Ok cool, well I'm located in Birmingham. How much are you asking for the set?
Dont really have a set price in mind at the moment, so make me an offer
Alpharetta / Johns Creek area
Alpharetta / Johns Creek area
Pm sent about wheels

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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