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Brand new, less than 4 miles on them. 2017 Titan Platinum Reserve 20 dark chrome wheels.
Located in Toms River NJ.
Looking to get $1,600 for the set.
These are non XD wheels so they will fit XD or non XD Titan, but the tires are not full load rated for the XD. They are load rated for 2601LBS vs. 3195LBS for XD tires. However a fully loaded Titan XD weighs just over 9000lbs so the tires are capable of the load but not with much headroom. I would not recomend it for heaier towing though, as it will feel very soft. But if you don't run heavy these will have a better ride quality than the E load rated tires.
Just in case anyone is wondering why I mentioned the fitment, Titan XD wheels will not fit Titans without spacers. The offset is different, and the backs of the spokes will hit the brake caliper about 3/8" shy of mounting. I found this to be true with Pro4X and SL wheels, and the platinum reserve wheels look to be the same story.
Anyway I can deliver depending on distance and terms or local pick up is welcome. I can be reached via text at (732)814-7312


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