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on a leveled 2004 crew cab le 4x4, would 17x9 rims with -12 offset and 285/75/17 toyo open country m/t's fit with no rub issues, or look stupid? :confused:

advice appreciated
They would require the pinch weld mod, (see the link in my sig). My tires are also 34" but have a less aggressive tread at the shoulder, (the part that rubs at the pinch weld when turning). But my LT305/70R17 are around 1/2" wider, so they're very close to being the same size. Even the 33.5" LT295/70R17 Toyo M/T would rub with those rims on a leveled Titan.

Your's will rub a lot worse since those rims will stick out a whole inch more than mine. The reason is both have the same 4.5" backspacing, and since yours are 9's and mine are 8's, mine won't stick out at much, and less trimming. Mine is also running a 2.5" leveling kit because I have aftermarket UCA's, and this provides a little more clearance but not much. Trimming is doable, but I'd look for a narrower rim or a +18 mm offset 9. This give 5.71" backspacing, and would stick out 0.75" more than stock 18's, and much less trimming, probably less than mine in the linked pic. [The 9's with -12 mm offset stick out 2" more than stock 18's]. The other link on the viper wheel has some pic of my Titan with both the leveling kit and with a 4" hat flip coilover lift.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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