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18 inch 6 spoke wheels and tires FT

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I have a set of 18 inch 6 spoke wheels that are just taking up space in the garage. No curb rash and about 45-50% tread left. Im Looking for a set of drop spindles that can be bolted on and go. Also looking for a set of 08+ headlights. If interested let me know. Pictures will be uploaded or upon request.
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Congrats on the lil girl!!!
Let us know $$ on wheels,looks like a couple of us are interested.
Thanks guys she's beautiful. As far as cash price I don't want to put a price out there that's way high, but I do need a set of manifolds or headers seeing how mine have finally cracked. So just let me know what a fair marked value is. Thanks

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I'm a cheap bass-turd so I will low ball the hell outta ya :redblob" Give us a price.What kinda tires are on them?What kinda shape?Are they dipped,cupped or feathered at all?
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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