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18" or 20" wheels question????

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I’m trying to decide over 18” or 20” Metal Moto 951’s. I like the large look of 20” wheels but I don’t want to loose out on performance and speed. I live on the coast and surf fish a lot so I’m driving out on the beach at least twice a month during fishing season. Any advice that you guys can give will be greatly appreciated.
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If you go bigger you will be adding a bit more weight, 20's look awesome on out trucks and there is a good about of allterrain tires that will do well for you in the sand. Stay away from chrome keep a lighter ply tire (as long as your not towing anything too heavy) and you shouldn't notice a big difference.
If you go 20's, won't your sidewall height be less (assuming you want to keep the same overall diameter)? If so, then I am not sure I would want less sidewall height if you have to air it down to go into the sand. I like the fact that airing the Revos down gives you over 12 inches (easily) of contact area in the sand.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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