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18x10 RBP 91R Black wheels (4.5" BS) 325/60/18 M.T. ATZ's

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Got a question. I have an 04 LE with the off-road package and a 1.5 Leveling kit. Currently the truck has 305/70/17's on it and I looked at a set of the 18x10 RBP's with 4.5" BS today w/325/60 mickey thompson's on em and almost had myself sold that I could make them fit. But after thinking it over i'm thinking they're gonna do some serious rubbing because they're gonna stick out another 3 inches. Any insight other than a lift?

On another note I'm almost sold on the rims and just parting with the tires. Not a huge fan of M/T's as it is.

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U would prolly have to do a good bit of pinch weld trimming. Look for gimmielub's post about putting the 20x10 xd rims on her truck and how much pinch weld she had trimmed. I know I decided to sell my 20x10 wheels and got something narrower.

Edit here is a link to the thread I was talking about

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