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Burning rubber can be fun, but for some guys there’s nothing better than climbing sky high in a low-geared 4 x 4 crawler.

Mel Wade and his team at Off Road Evolution are aiming to sell that philosophy while competing for fan votes from July 16 to August 27 during a web series called “BUILT” from eBay Motors.

What makes this unusual is that Wade and the 1970 Jeep Grand Cherokee Commando won’t be riding up against any other off-roaders. Instead, his shop will jockey for position against European tuners, a hotrod garage, and custom paint and fabrication specialists.

So what's the challenge? Each garage bought a vehicle of its choice from eBay Motors to transform it using only parts sourced from eBay. Each of the four are vying for the "BUILT" title marked for crowning after the competition is complete. In the end, all four vehicles will be auctioned on eBay to benefit a charity of each garage's choice.

The team at Off Road Evolution may just have a leg up. Upon delivery, the Jeepster was a tiny truck with the space to slide lots of low-end power while offering a boxy body with plenty of space to fit beefier parts better suited for serious off-roading. Not only is this likely to be a capable machine thanks to eBay Motors’ selection of new parts, but with the retro styling it should shape into a head turner too.

As is the case with all the competing shops, Off Road Evolution’s build will be finished by the time the competition ends, after which it will be auctioned on eBay to benefit their chosen charity: the California Trail Users Coalition. Before it's all said and done, the Jeepster will crawl its way to Las Vegas, where it will take a final bow at SEMA.

”BUILT” premiered on July 16th, and runs through August 27th. Watch the episodes here.

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