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1st Nissan Titan Meet in San Antonio

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Okay guys it looks we finally going to have a meet in San Antonio.
The date that we have set is Saturday September 29th 2007. So far we have some ideas for what we plan on doing on that date. Meeting will start around 1pm
Some suggestion from the original thread;

#1 Introduction
meeting at a Restaurant (Mamasitas off I10, Great Restaurant with a big parking lot and ~5.50 frozen Margaritas)

#2 Showoff
a)Depending on Marc Manager from Gunn if he sponsor the Meet, we all meet in a TBD location(Dealership or Park - Brack or McCallister)
b)We go Off-roading

#3 Cruise to a Bar or Restaurant

We need to know who is coming to the meeting, I know for some this is a real short noticed.
Hope this works out and we can get this meeting going.
It doesnt matter if your a member or not, if your friend has a frontier and wants to come they are welcome, even if they have POS Ford or Chevy, they still welcome. Bring your family and if you have pets maybe we can moved the meet to a park and not go to a restaurant. Any ideas or comments are welcome. Just remeber the date set is Saturday September 29th 2007.

So please write your name # of family members coming and if you have a 4x4 or 4x2.

Se habla Espanol...j/k

member truck family
D0va 4x4 3 Wife, son (7 months) and myself
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Maybe hold it near the Toyota plant? That could turn out to be interesting. :)
MuskyHunter said:
Maybe hold it near the Toyota plant? That could turn out to be interesting. :)
that would be a good Idea for some photo
damn. which we could take a weekend off from work and put some miles on the titan. kids been bugging to go to seaworld anyways.
still time to request. :) no one is interested.... We are going to go wheeling on that date too....
if we hold it near the Toyota plant we can point and laugh at the tundra owners and tell jokes about them
it is getting closer anyone else coming?
ok... we have about 15 people coming anyone from Titan Talk?

all who have signed up are in Club Titan except for me and Dova

we are also gonna have sponser there

so the more we have the better

d0va + Wife and child
silkspring + Father and brother
Contra + Fiance
alamomike + Tracy
mr2go + gf
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