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2.5 Leveling Kit $50

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Like the tile says, I have a used 2.5 inch leveling kit. I bought this off the forum but never used it. Ended up putting 08 springs and 5100 on instead. How about $50 plus shipping. I am in PA 16066.


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will this fit 2010 se 4x4
What brand is it? Also if it fits a 2006 2wd se Ill take it
I almost could pick it up LOL if none of these guys get it let me know Id be interested
I dont believe it will work well on a 2010 4x4. I could be wrong.

Not sure on the brand, I bought it off of a guy that was running it on a 06 2wd and he had no issues.
Sounds perfect, I'm going to send you a PM!
got your email on sat and sent you a couple back??? let me now either way K thanks
After 3 buyers backing out, these are back up for sale. I do not know the brand name of these. I will ship via Fed Ex within 1 day. Will take $50 for pick up and $60 shipped to most places.

Payment through Paypal please.
did you have these on your truck? Did you get the coil bucket hitting? I'm not 100% sure what it actually does cause I've never seen it happen. I have a 07 4wd off road. I'd like to get spacers but you can get a new pair online for 60-65 bucks shipped. So I would def. take you up on these if the price was alot lower. Not tryin to low ball ya, just stating.
There are alot of forums on here with info on leveling kits. Leveling kits can range anywhere from $50-$200 just need to do research. The max you want to go on a 4X4 is 1.5" or you will get coil bucket contact. The max on a 08+
2WD is 2" or you will have the same problem, those of you with 04-07 2WD, recommended is 2-2.5" but I believe you can go up to 3" if you shave a little off the lip of the coil bucket.

This is all from research I did when I put my 2" on my 2010 2wd.
I hope this helps someone.

Good luck with the sell man.:)
Did you sell the leveling kit man?

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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