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2.5 radflo coilover help please...

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2 attempts at an answer to no avail. everyone must be busy! does anyone know where the set screw on the radflo's is. maybe im going crazy, but i just dont happen to see one. not with the nake eye at least...could it be on the side of the coilover that is NOT exposed when installed? also, to crank them while on the truck, could i loosen the elbow that comes out of the coilover to the remote hose, so that i could squeeze the spanner wrench in? hoping to do this while i install the TC uppers and the wheels are off. again....Thanks in Advance.
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is there anyway that i could get around the remote hose so that i can fit the spanner in the coilbucket? or do i really have to be that patient?:smoke:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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