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2 HID kits for sale

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If anyones interested:

I have for sale 2 HID kits. One is the 9006 kit for the low beams and the other is an 880 kit for the fog lights. Both kits work just fine. Low beam kit is made by DDM and the fog light kit is made by Xtreme HIDs.

HID Conversion Kit 9006 - 8000K - eBay (item 180650550573 end time Apr-14-11 08:24:42 PDT) SOLD

HID Conversion Kit 880 - 8000K & 6000K - eBay (item 180650554237 end time Apr-14-11 08:35:13 PDT)
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how much and why you selling?
Click on the links to ebay for the prices. Im selling this because people kept flashing their lights at me. Probably had them pointed up to far. I've rode in a car in front of my truck and they are extremely bright. No problems with either kit.
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