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I have 2 rods and reel I no longer need or will use, not sure why I didnt try and sell them while I was still in FL, probably just didnt think about it.

Anyways, 1st is a 6'6" Ugly stik, medium action rod that is the "tiger" model rod. On top of it sits a Penn 133H reel that is literally brand new and it shows it. I think I fished the rod and reel maybe a total of 3 times instide the bay during our flight fishing tournament. $125

2nd is a rod I won at the SPO a few years back, its BIG Fish House rod and it had a price tag of $250 on it when I got it off the prize table. Its also a 6'5" rod, heavy action and its loaded with eyes, 10 total and they are really wrapped up into the rod. On top of the rod is a Penn 330GTi reel. $300

Both reels are loaded with 50lb mono, I think there is 300yrds on the 113 and about 150 yards on the 330. These are not casting type rigs, they are strictly up and down rigs that you use to drop straight to the bottom. You can kinda cast them about 5-10 ft tops, but not any further. You could use them freshwater for large game like deep water catfish and carp and such.

Would prefer someone local to the NC area to buy them. But I guess I could ship them as well if the buyer really wants them. I have pictures on my phone and I can text them to you if you want.
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