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2* or hold off for uprev???

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im looking to get a time advance or should i just wait another month or to n get uprev. i also think im gonna finish off my exhasut with some jba headers and high flow cats, i cant justify spending 800 bucks on stillen headers, unless someone can convince me other wise let me no what u guys think, and the only place ive found that can do the advance is my dealer they want 150 buck lol i almost laughed at the guy...

thanks ahead of time
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surely there has to be someone in your local area that can do the 2* TA for you besides your dealer.

I would of searched for you, if I knew your locale, but alas, you will be able to do the same on the boards.

IMO get done to your truck the things you can afford and make it go Vrooom! ;)

I'd also get your exhaust system done first , so when you do get uprev they can add that to the tune.
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