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2 Paintball Sets For sale

501 2
i have several parts and two entire sets

1: Tippmann 98c with the stock barrel and a 16" Teardrop
1: Spyder (electronic) with stock barrel and a 16" Teardrop
1: HPA tank and stainless steel remote ($200 tank when new, $30 remote)
1: OD green double pane mask
1: black single pane
2: Co2 tanks 16oz
5: hoppers
a strait elbow, 2 strait clear elbows
and several basic black stock elbows
the hip holster for the HPA tank
5 pods
and a tacticle belt for the pods and HPA (that is two seperate holsters)
a flex squegee
and 2 barrel socks and 1 plug

all are used about 5 times each, as i could'nt really get people to play with
you know how it is...
but now that i have a bad ankle and knee
i dont wanna break them

also have a older Brass Eagle too

i am also willing to trade for off road or AT tires (good condition, low miles) i need 18"
but if you have wheels and tires from your titan, ok...

or an IPOD 30GiG or better (video)

i am also willing to look at other things such as X box,PS3 a Wii or
a bull bar or possibly a lift kit for my Titan
but $300 cash is also good

Priced reduced for quicker sale

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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