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20" Chrome Wheels + Tires NEW CONDITION ((FITS ALL TITANS))

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Set of (4) custom American Racing Torq thrust II 20" wheels and 275/55/20 Hankook tires. WHEELS AND TIRES HAVE LESS THAN 400 MILES ON THEM. The wheels measurements are 8.5x20 with an offset of +18mm with a 5 1/2" backspace, 6 lug. Came off of a 2000 Silverado that I no longer have. They will fit all '99-UP GM 1500 trucks, 2000-Up Tahoes and Suburbans, and all 4x4 '88-'98 GM 1500 trucks. They will also fit the '04-UP Nissan Titan and Armada.

THE SET IS 6 WEEEKS OLD. Absolutely NO scratches or marks of anykind, flawless. Less than 500 miles on the set. Wheels look absolutely amazing. The chrome is like looking into a mirror. With wheels being made of aluminum you never have to worry about rust or flaking. VERY NICE SET!!!!

Asking $1300.00 obo for everything, includes center caps, lug nuts, and valve stems. Set was $2100.00 new.

Set is balanced (Goodyear), just mount them and go.

Call 615-400-9083 Lv Message or e-mail [email protected]



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Cool retro look! Would look great on a new Mustang but I'm not sure about on a Titan. Just my opinion though.
Actually, they looked great on my Silverado and the Titan that I just bought. I just need the money out of them now. They do have a retro look but due to them being 6 spokes instead of the original 5 torq thrust and with them being 20" wheels they have a modern aggresive look as well. They also feel in the fender wheel space very well.

Are you interested or are you just commenting because you are bored? I could not help but notice your opinon on other items for sale that you are not buying.......
there's a member on here, specialb, that has this set on his titan. i really like the look of them. here are some pics of them on his truck.

Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Car Motor vehicle
Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Car Pickup truck
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Pickup truck
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Not sure if you'd be familiar with his, coming from the Chevy instead of the Titan, but will these accept the TPMS?
C Cunningham said:
Are you interested or are you just commenting because you are bored? I could not help but notice your opinon on other items for sale that you are not buying.......

Does it really matter? It's called a forum and forums are for won't make any friends with comments like yours as I've learned. Good luck with your sale!

PS.....I stand corrected. Thanks to tjthack's pictures, these wheels do look pretty kick*ss on a Titan. Never can tell until you see them on the truck.
tire pressure monitoring sensors...

basically another annoyin gadget on your dash to tell you to check your air pressure...

where are you located?? these might look sweet on the truck for summer.. i need new rubber to pass inspection next year, but looking for a MS tire or AT
ORIGINAL POST says he is located in Nashvegas...
My Titan is a 2004 LE. I am pretty sure it has the TPMS feature. I did mount the wheels on it for a short while, after I took them off of the Chevy. I had no problems, warnings, light, etc. They looked awesome on it, almost like they were made for it. I just need the cash.
Nope, sold them the other day. Sold them for $1,100, dude got a great deal.
I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was about those wheels...then I saw them today on the road:

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Funny. A little bit different wheel but I guess I can kinda see it.
What's with the Ram pic? Lose the mopar and get a Titan.
Some people think they are funny.
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