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So I've been looking at the BBS RD Truck rims on and I had a question about the offset and backspacing....

I read through the posts saying that optimal/stock backspacing for our truck with the 18" rims (8" in width) is 5".

So these BBS rims are 9.5" wide and have a 22mm offset, so they would be about 6.25" of backspacing, (I think) thus they would stick out about an extra .5" from stock, right?

Also, I wanted to run 305-50-20 tires, but am a non-lifted/non-leveled 4x2 and wanted to make sure that they wouldn't rub...(I don't think they would, but I could be wrong!)

BTW: I am looking to run street tires, not MT or AT tires.

Here is a link to the rim info: artNumber=RD284DSPK&wheelMake=BBS&wheelModel=RD-Truck&wheelFinish=Bright+Sil+w%2FMach+Lip&showRear =no&autoMake=Nissan&autoModel=Titan+Crew+Cab&autoY ear=2005&autoModClar=SE&filterSize=All&filterFinis h=All&filterSpecial=false&filterBrand=All&sort=Bra nd

Thanks for the help!!
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