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2000 Ducati 996sps

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I am selling my Ducati 996sps which is in great condition and has recently been serviced and has lots of carbon. If you are new to Ducati's, the 996sps is basically the same as an R model, with titanium internals and a little over 125hp on the dyno. This bike has top of the line everything on it, complete Ohlins Suspension and steering dampner.

I am asking $14,000 as this is a rare and numbered bike. I am willing to negotiate and I am not in a super hurry to sell it, but I would like to sell it soon as the girl is pregnant.

For more specific details please PM me and I can answer them as there is a ton of information on this bike.

I am located in San Francisco and currently have it registered until next year.

Obviously this is a Titan board but if you or someone you know is looking to buy a bike sometime soon, my bike is worth looking at.



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Hey nice bike, I wanted that bike back in the days but couldn't afford it.
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