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2004 Headlights AZ

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Pair of headlights I pulled from my 2004 LE when I put aftermarkets in. Found them in garage when cleaning up. Little dusty but still in great shape. Free for local pickup in Glendale, AZ. Also have the third brake light, a stock intake manifold, engine cover, and stock air intake box.
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Let me know if you are willing to ship. Interested so non-local dibs
I'll give someone local a chance for a few days, but if not, I could be convinced to ship them. I'm feeling lazy, hence the free for local pickup. You have first dibs if no one snags them here.
Where in glendale are you located, I CAN pick up tomorrow
Sorry for delay. I am around 55th ave and Peoria. Its all yours if you want it. Looks like if you were willing to ship the stuff you don't want, you could score a few bucks. PM me if you want to grab it, else I am in North Scottsdale daily for work, if that is better for you to pickup.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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