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2004 Headlights AZ

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Pair of headlights I pulled from my 2004 LE when I put aftermarkets in. Found them in garage when cleaning up. Little dusty but still in great shape. Free for local pickup in Glendale, AZ. Also have the third brake light, a stock intake manifold, engine cover, and stock air intake box.
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Hey man I can pick up the headlights if still available.
Sorry for delay. I am around 55th ave and Peoria. Its all yours if you want it. Looks like if you were willing to ship the stuff you don't want, you could score a few bucks. PM me if you want to grab it, else I am in North Scottsdale daily for work, if that is better for you to pickup.
I will be in the North Scottsdale area tomorrow, can I meet you somewhere down there tomorrow afternoon?
Hey man I'm still interested tell me when and where to pick up if you still got those headlights. Unless nyc2005armada got them????
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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