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2004 Nissan Titan

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Here is my story, when i first bought my 2004 Nissan Titan it had a little ticking noise when I first started it up. I cracked the bottom of my original radiator at about 80,000 miles and replaced it with another plastic single core one. at 100,000 miles I blew a head gasket on cylinder 3 so I pulled the engine, had the heads steam cleaned, and reinstalled with new multi-sheet metal head gaskets, new exhaust manifold gaskets, new spark plugs, new valve stem seals, front and rear main seals, new valve cover gaskets, and all other gaskets and RTV, new water pump, and new thermostat. Right after I got it back together I noticed that my right (bank 2) cat had broken up and went through my flow master exhaust so I installed a new Nissan exhaust on it. I haven't replaced the cat and exhaust manifolds on either side yet, but I still have that stupid ticking noise. I know its not from a exhaust manifold gasket leak because of the new gaskets and torqued to specs manifolds, any ideas? Also what is FFV and is it important to buy FFV manifolds? PLEASE HELP
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Describe the noise your a little more. I have a noise. When i start it sounds like the starters rattling around. I cant figure out what it is. My buddies a mechanic and he said just run it till it stops lol.

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It is from the exhaust under the hood but I cant locate it, after cranking it cold it lasts about a minute or so it goes away. I know its not from between the manifold and head because I torqued the nuts to specs and have double check them. Ive been reading on here and people have been talking about cracked manifolds and FFV(what ever that is).
FFV stands for flex fuel vehicle.

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So the ticking stops after about a minute or so? Almost 100% certain that you have a cracked manifold or manifolds. Replace those and the ticking should go away. If it doesn't go away, another common thing with our trucks that isn't a problem as much as it is annoying, is that the injectors are noisy when they open and can be heard ticking.
Yeah when I first bought the truck I noticed how loud the injectors were, is there anything I can do to quiet them down. Btw, my is NOT a flex fuel vehicle. the only other question I have is where can I buy exhaust manifold for cheap, these things are outrageously expensive?
I think someone is selling jba shorties in the buy/sell thread for 350

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