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2004 Stock exhaust - DOA at 44k mi. ?

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I notice a lot of guys post from farther south but has anyone had their stock exhaust rust through/off yet? The bottom of my truck - despite a 2x's per month car wash in the winter- looks like s__t. This last week I lost the tailpipe from the muffler on back because the flanges rusted through - not the pipe but the flange - I was saving for a Banks set-up but I wanted to do it AFTER Christmas. Guess I thought it would hold out longer than 4 years... But maybe that's just Minnesota.
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My Exhaust Fell Off At 50000 Same Flange Rusted Thru,dont Drive It I Did And The Leftover Piece Off Exhaust Pipe From The Muffler Melted My Wiring Harness At The Back Frame And My Plastic Shock Cover.fried My Computer And Some Sensors,2000 Dollars Later,no Help From Nissan.
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