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I failed an emissions test and took it to a mechanic who says I need to replace my catalytic converters for 3k and suggested I replace the o2 sensors for another 1k. It took him about 30 mins to come to this conclusion. I really don't want to spend 4k, which seems kind of steep. After looking around online, it seems like i'm being overcharged. I checked the fault code which give P0430 and nothing else.

I feel like 30 mins wasn't enough to figure out what's causing the code, whether it's the converters themselves, faulty 02 sensors, something else entirely... I definitely not an expert, but i'm wondering if this is all kosher. Do I actually need new converters? new o2 sensors? I'm reading I could do this for < 2k, so am I being ripped off? Is this something I could do myself?

Thanks in advance,
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