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2004 Titan Crew Cab LE 4x4 Only 13K mi, Loaded, For Sale, Chicagoland area

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F/S 2004 Titan Crew Cab LE 4x4 Only 13K mi LOADED, Chicagoland

2004 Titan Crew Cab LE 4x4 Only 13K mi, Loaded, For Sale, Chicagoland area

Unfortunately after less than 3 years of ownership here in Chicago area, I will have to depart with my baby. Just not using it to its full potential and probably looking to downsize. Here are the specs:

2004 Titan LE Silver
Crew Cab 4x4
12,800 miles (as of today 9/17/07)
Big Tow Package
Dual Power Leather Seats (Heated)
DVD + 6-Disc Changer Premium Rockford Fosgate System (including 2 wireless headphones)
Power Sunroof
Utilitrack Channel System
Side Air Bag Package
18x8 Allow Wheels, Heated Mirrors, Newer OEM Heavy-Duty Battery
Everything on truck is stock equipment (no modifications)

Asking $26,500. It's retailing over $27k for a similar package with double the miles. Original Sticker was over $39,000 (which I still have)

As you can see, it's a loaded model with most bells and whistles. Why such low miles? I purchased this on 11/30/2004 for my small business. I worked out of my home so I did not have to drive much. In March 2007, I started driving to an outside office which is only 4 miles away. Thus, the low miles. I can assure you that these are real miles. And I'VE NEVER TOWED ANYTHING. I know, kind of a waste with such awesome towing capacity. Never even connected the hitch once. So the rear end has never really been stressed.

Another positive is that since this is covered under warranty until end of this November, it adds another "assurance" for the buyer in case something major happens in the next couple of months after the sale. I have three kids (the DVD system came in handy), so I have to have good driving habits. I've probably only floored it 5 times since I've owned it.

It's a great truck in great shape. Please forward to anyone who might be interested.

Checkout more pictures at

Any questions, email me: [email protected].

Thx, Steve


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Re: 2004 Titan Crew Cab LE 4x4 Only 13K mi, Loaded, FS, Chicagoland area

OK. So it appears that the initial asking price was too high. But this well-loaded truck is in the best shape out of all trucks I feel mainly due to the low miles (today: 12,890). Never towed anything, non-smoker, no accidents. Mainly worked from home - thus the low miles. Any takers? I like Carmax, but I'm trying to avoid any dealers like the plague.

Asking $24,900 OBO chicagoland area.

Bumper-to-bumper warranty until 11/30/2007. The 5/60 powertrain warranty of course is still valid for 2 more years. The Carfax report will probably have 3 records and that's all dealership related (brake fix, a/c fix, oem battery replacement).

See all pics at :cheers:
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