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I am planning on ordering long tubes and catted b pipes from Cajun in the near future. Most likely shortly after Christmas. I've been running on what I believe are cracked manifolds for almost a year now. I originally noticed it whenever I started the truck. It would make an awful noise on startup (I don't know how to describe with words) and then run normally. I dumped my stock muffler and got a magnaflow and dual tail pipes in January because I wanted a deeper and louder sound. After some time the awful noise progressed to the greatly known "Titan tick" and I got it checked out. The guy didn't even listen to or look at the truck. He told me that I was taking off too fast before all the fluids make their way through the truck or something like that and that adding some royal purple should help it and sitting at idle for 30 seconds before taking off should stop it. I knew better than to believe him but I haven't had anyone actually look at the manifolds yet because i'm 99% sure thats what the problem is and I'd rather keep the at least $75 of labor it would take to have them look at it. I should've already talked to the guys at Cajun but I haven't yet. I'm definitely going to need help on this subject because I'm not entirely familiar with exhaust manifolds.
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