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2004 Titan leak posterior to oil filter connection

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I am trying to figure out my leak. it is a constant run of oil leaking out. The leak does not seem to be running from above near the head gasket. Oil is clear, no milkiness, no smoke. so I dont think i have a head gasket problem. The oil runs off of the oil filter component. Oil filter seems to be seated good and not coming from the filter fitting itself. I think it may be the actual unit that is connecting the oil filter to the engine. Has anyone come across this problem before? Or know how to fix it? Im going through 1-2 quarts a day. This is a big problem. started using 10w40 and slows a little, so i think it is very small leak. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
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Have you checked for double gaskets?
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have not, havent taken off anything. The parts are all original with the engine. there is a little casing that over the area where it seems like the oil is coming from. it is posterior to the oil filter. Just wondering if anyone has any idea or had the same problem before i go ahead and take it apart. I dont know how to take it off, no screws or bolts. lol
It could be a cracked oil cooler. Some other members have had this issue before. If the oil filter is seated properly, check the oil cooler.
What year is your truck?
IIRC, I have seen one thread with an oil leak where the filter housing itself had cracked.
Could be as easy as a bad O-ring on the Oil Cooler, pull the filter and remove the oil cooler and check the o-ring. Remove the cooler by using a deepwell socket on the stem that you screw the filter on to. You have to remove the two cooler line hoses to be able to remove it.
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sweet. its a 2004. I will take off the oil cooler or atleast check it. if it is cracked, were they cracked on the engine or the oil cooler itself? It is something huge usually? I am very mechanically sound but never worked on a titan. Lets hope its just the o-ring. Thanks guys for everything
Just got the same diagnosis for an oil leak in my 2004 w/ 103K. Coincidentally right after an oil change was the first I noticed anything.
Is there an O ring on the 04's or does the entire unit have to be replaced?
Has someone taken one apart?
My money is on the O ring. I replace 1 or 2 every couple weeks at work on the QX56. Pretty common leak point on the VK motor.
What did you find out with the oil leak? Mine recently started doing the same thing. The leak appears to be coming from above the filter connection.
2004 Nissan Titan Oil Leak near the filter?
The Oil Cooler gasket replacement part number 21304-JA11A from the dealer does not work with original oil cooler. It is too large.
If you want the new gasket ($4.07) to work, you have to get the new cooler ($266.00). Not a good move.
Instead find an oil filter gasket that is right sized. Fram PH7317 filter has a gasket that worked for me. It is tall enough and the circumference is just about right. Throw that filter away.

At your next oil change you can change out the oil cooler gasket yourself.
You will need a 7/8 deep socket, bucket to catch the water, new gasket, better hose clamps than what Titan ships with

1. It is best to take the hoses off the cooler and inspect both surfaces with the oil cooler completely out of the way, but not necessary. Have a bucket nearby to catch about 1 1/2 gallons of water.
2. After you take the filter off, there is a 7/8 nut that you will loosen in order to get the cooler off the oil pan
3. Inspect and clean both surfaces.
4. Swap out the old O ring with the new one.
5. Re-insert bolt and tighten until you feel the squeeze down on the new gasket - moderate to firm pressure
6. Complete the oil change. wipe away all old oil so you can see if there is anything leaking
7. Add back water to radiator overflow.

Simple to do but ugly if you are given the wrong size gasket by the dealer.
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The Oil Cooler gasket goes bad and leaks profusely over time. The replacement part number 21304-JA11A from the dealer does not work with original oil cooler. It is too large.

Instead find an oil filter gasket that is right sized. Fram PH7317 filter has a gasket that worked for me. It is tall enough and the circumference is just about right.
Thank you for the information. The truck stopped leaking in the spring just after I made the post, but it just started back about a month ago.... At my next oil change I am going to change the gasket. Thank you very much. With out the info I'm sure I would have pulled out the rest of my hair.
To adetandt, THANK YOU for the help, I jut recently changed my oil at the 3k mark like always and noticed I had this exact same leak. Followed your instructions and about an hour and a half and a couple swear words later the leak was fixed. The o ring from the frahm filter works perfectly, its actually a little bit thicker than the factory one on my 2005. Now on to bigger and louder things....anyone have any headers theyd recommend?
I have a 2006 Titan SE.... Started leaking about 6 months ago...has gotten worst over time.... just got around to reading.... Thanks a bunch for the info..... I will fix it based on this info.... I have a steady drip off of the oil filter when the motor is at idle.... not coming from the filter.... dripping from behind the filter mounting bracket which is the oil cooler.... Great info, Great SITE..
The fact that you used Anatomical direction in the heading pretty much made my day. Good luck with the fix
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Could the ill fitting replacement gasket be why the dealer wants to replace the whole oil cooler instead of just the seal? My friend was told they change the whole thing on his '04 4x4 because sometimes they still leak after the new seal is put in. When he asked if they also change the relief valve they said there was no relief valve, just the cooler and seal. There's a service diagram from another thread that shows a relief valve that should be replaced too.

We will be doing this instead of the dealer now. Do we need the relief valve as well?

Just as described..... took off the oil cooler... used a bucket to catch and recycle antifreeze/coolant.... cleaned all parts... used a Wal-Mart cheap ST7317($2.67) oil filter as donor for the O-Ring.... The O-Ring is not quite wide enough to fill the slot on the cooler, but the inside diameter is perfect and the height works well.... Reinstalled the cooler.... Works GREAT...... NO LEAKS... Thanks for this Site I did not have to reinvent the wheel.... THIS SITE AND THE INFO IS GREAT..... Thanks to everyone that contributes knowledge to help each other......:)
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