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2004 - wheel bearings, scary removal

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I've got 105000 miles & a lot of rust underneath. Started the process today of removing the bearings.

Caliper bolts - check
wheel hub bolt - check
ABS connector - check
This is going to be easy, :big_grin:
3 bearing bolts - not so fast. I got a breaker bar & actually got each one to crack loose. It was a pain getting the sockets to fit. However, I am in the process of trying to get the bolts out. Only the breaker bar will continue to get them to budge. Each press down has a ripping sound & there is no let up in the force required. I think I may use a torch in the morning to try & expand the area around the bolts.

Hopefully, I'll continue to make progress, if all goes well I may also replace the rotor & pads.
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Did you spray the bolts with penetrant? Just make sure your rotors and pads aren't anywhere close by where the penetrant could get on them.
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When you backed off the caliper did you make sure the cap on the brake fluid reservoir was open so that there wasn't too much pressure?

Recheck the ABS sensor plug connection. I would hope that it isn't a bad sensor. Connect the sensor to the old bear assembly instead and see if the lights go off.
Last year was the first time for me to replace a wheel hub assembly. I'm in the same age range. I used gear puller along with the BFH and I think it made the job a lot easier.

After you do the other side, consider doing a complete brake fluid flush. I do mine about every two years.
I put a bit of anti-seize on the rim into which the hub assembly goes. That way, just in case I had to replace it again, it wouldn't be quite so difficult to remove.
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