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2004 - wheel bearings, scary removal

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I've got 105000 miles & a lot of rust underneath. Started the process today of removing the bearings.

Caliper bolts - check
wheel hub bolt - check
ABS connector - check
This is going to be easy, :big_grin:
3 bearing bolts - not so fast. I got a breaker bar & actually got each one to crack loose. It was a pain getting the sockets to fit. However, I am in the process of trying to get the bolts out. Only the breaker bar will continue to get them to budge. Each press down has a ripping sound & there is no let up in the force required. I think I may use a torch in the morning to try & expand the area around the bolts.

Hopefully, I'll continue to make progress, if all goes well I may also replace the rotor & pads.
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i did mine off the truck. for me it was much easier access especially when you can use a table bench vise
i know when i did my lift when i had to change out the brake lines with the extended brake lines i ended up just flushing the whole system out. good to hear you got it squared away!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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