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2004 - wheel bearings, scary removal

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I've got 105000 miles & a lot of rust underneath. Started the process today of removing the bearings.

Caliper bolts - check
wheel hub bolt - check
ABS connector - check
This is going to be easy, :big_grin:
3 bearing bolts - not so fast. I got a breaker bar & actually got each one to crack loose. It was a pain getting the sockets to fit. However, I am in the process of trying to get the bolts out. Only the breaker bar will continue to get them to budge. Each press down has a ripping sound & there is no let up in the force required. I think I may use a torch in the morning to try & expand the area around the bolts.

Hopefully, I'll continue to make progress, if all goes well I may also replace the rotor & pads.
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They are tight! Worst case is you remove them by any means necessary and buy new bolts.
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Re: UPDATE - Need advice

I finally got the front driver side wheel bearing installed along with new rotor & pads. I started her up & the ABS & SLIP lights stay on. In addition, no brake pressure. When installing, I reattached the new ABS sensor plug & didnt open any brake line nipples. No brake fluid leaked. Didn't seem to be any issues during the install.

Yikes, any ideas about this? I never had those lights go on before.

Was thinking maybe some air got in the system when I pushed the rams back in? A simple bleed at that nipple?
Did you press the brake repeatedly? You have to do do that after installing pads.
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