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2005 2wd Nissan titan cracked manifold

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So I recently inherited my dads/moms 2005 2wd Nissan titan. and knew before that the manifolds were cracked. I have looked all through the forum however and seen everyone converting to LT headers with a catted b-pipe. my question however is will it pass inspection. I live in PA and the truck is due for inspection. what are possible set ups I can use on the truck to get it back on the road I hate to see her sit for too long.
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I welded the cracks up on my 05 and got another 70k out of them before the cats finally started failing at 270k, but the welds held up just fine. I patched up a set of junk aftermarket manifolds, and put them on to get it through one more inspection. So far so good. But I'm doing it all myself, mine's a 2wd like yours, which makes it doable, 4wd might be a different story.
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