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Up for sale is my project truck that I don't have time for. 2005 113k 2wd

I purchased it 2+ years ago at a insurance auction after it went thru a chain link fence and ended up on its side (driver side). Yes it has a salvage title

I wanted to build a pre runner and had just moved here from the east coast. Money has been tight ever since I've moved here so the project has stalled and it's time for it to go

It already had the bilstein 2.5 inch lift when I got it. I installed 3 inch spindle lift and 2 inch block lift in the rear. (I wanted to do long arm etc eventually)

Everything in the front had some sort of damage (no frame) so I found fiberglass fenders and bedsides (I will have to find the stamping of the brand and update the posting later). Installed the front fenders, drilled out all the factory welds to the bed and used riv-nuts to install the bedsides to the factory bed (no tailgate is avail)

Also purchased and installed wheels and tires after purchase. 35 inch general grabbers. They have 1500 miles on them

The driver door still needs to be replaced ( complete doors are 200-350) and the A pillar and rear door named slight repair (see pics)

It's a SE package with tow package (I replaced the tow mirrors with standard mirrors) has a center console with shifter and power seats (cloth) and Rockford Fosgate system (meh)

I've driven it ~3,000 miles since I've purchased it. Finally got it titled after I swapped the exhaust from my friends Armada to get it smogged. My truck has no "check engine lights" or anything but someone installed Chevy cats in place of the factory ones.

I will sell this for $6500 firm with the signed understanding it will not pass Ca smog the way it sits. It also includes $600 JBA smog legal headers

Keep in mind it's $2200 for the wheels tires, $1500 for the fiberglass and a low mileage Titan

Cash only, title in hand. Pics in my CL post
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