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2005 LE - 2008 20" OEM Wheels - Tires???

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I just picked up some OEM 2008 20"'s of eBay to put on my 2005 LE. Tires are not included. I am looking at some road hugger XRT 275/55 20. These are just as wide as the stock tires that come on the OEM 20"'s but a total of 1" shorter.

Will this work? I can't seem to find any other sport tires (directional) that I think would fit better. I want to stay as close to stock as possible.
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Those tires will fit. I did the same as you, but went with Hankook Ventus AS 20 inch tire. This is the same size as the 2008 stock tire diameter, but a litte better performance. This was a 275/60 R20.
whats the diff between se and le trims?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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