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2005 Locker but no OR package?

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I've recently won an auction for a 2005 Titan which I haven't picked up yet. The owner states that it has a rear locker but it has no Off-Road Package. I'm not certain that he's correct. Any help? It's my understanding that the OR package is required to get the locker. Also, there's no switch next to the Tow Mode switch on either side. I'm also under the impression that the switch is located there. Thanks in advance for any insight. Clearly, I'm a Titan newbie so I apologize for the potentially dumb question!
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Maybe it has an aftermarket Detroit Tru-Track Limited Slip Differential, and he's calling it a locker, unless the original diff. blew out and he replaced with an axle with the locker and wired it up somehow. If that's the case and it's a 4x4, I think he would have had to have the big tow pkg. for the new rear gears to match the front.

You're correct ... about the off-road pkg. and switch.
e-locker is only available in the 4x4 OR package for 2005.

Yes, there's a button on the console for it.
Thanks guys, I was pretty sure he was incorrect. Nonetheless, it's still an '05 SE crew 4x4 BT, RF, UT with 19000 miles! I wasn't overly concerned with the locker anyhow. It's gonna be a driveway queen; will never see off-road. Thanks again!:cheers:
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