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This is the website with all the details and pictures of the Truck!
Car has 29,000 miles on it. I have all the maintence records. I just bought the Rims a month ago and i have driven the car very few times with the new rims (1000 miles on the tires). The rims and tires are worth $3000 alone. And it has a fully aftermarket sound system! Has duel chamber flowmaster exhaust with a turn down. K&N cold air intake system. the windows are fully titned along with the tail lights and headlights. all the aftermarket parts are no more then 2 months old as well. The truck has flawless paint, and the car has a clear title. the truck is washed every weekend. I babyed the truck. Truck probably has close to $7000 invested give or take. The reason for selling is i am moving out on my own and i cant afford the truck payments every month along with the living cost of being on my own. For some more details check out the website link above!

I am selling the truck for $24,500. And without the rims and subwoofer (the headunit and the i pod adaptor and the wiring for subwoofers will stay in the truck.) i will sale the truck for $22,000.
P.S on the Recycler the pricing is alittle messed up cause my dad put it up on the recycler while i was in Europe aand he has not been able to change it.
You can contact me with any questions at [email protected] email 4 Pics
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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