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2005 Nissan Titan LE Gas Knock Sensor

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I have a 2005 Nissan Titan LE Gas w/ 197,000 miles throwing a Bank 2 knock sensor code and a cat below threshold on bank 2. I had the exhaust manifolds replaced last year w/ Dormans. So I really don't think that the cats are stopped up. Could the knock sensor be causing the cat code? First time I took it to the shop they said cat 1 and cat 2 where below threshold (i knew cat 2 was throwing the code that was the reason for it to go to the shop but that was the first time cat 1 threw a code) and the knock sensor code but the found a loose pcv hose and tightened it up, cleared the codes, watched everything and it seemed fine. Well I picked it up and drove 17 miles. Bam light back on so I took it back to the shop now they are saying all 4 o2 sensors are bad and of course the knock sensor also. Both times they said run seafoam and it should be fine. I don't know about that. Opinions?
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Cats don't report codes. That code comes from the ECU reading an out of spec between the pre and aft O2 sensors. What's the condition of those? They are easy to test with a multimeter, but if they've never been changed out, that's your most likely culprit just due to your mileage...or ..... if you used non OEM new ones when you did the manifolds. Test them and go from there. That may also clear your knock sensor and you're good to go. Solve one problem at a time...assess....repeat if necessary.

Do not put Seafoam into anything!! Seafoam is oil with a bit of rubbing alcohol like the doctor uses to clean where you are going to get a is not a chemical brew. The O2 sensors won't like that at all. It has the same effect downstream as bad rings...including the smoke cloud. Get a new mechanic if he's telling you to use that stuff. Consider that not a single auto manufacturer recommends Seafoam, Miracle Oil, etc. for anything. Only Seafoam recommends Seafoam.
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