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2005 Nissan Titan Rear Axle Assembly with E locker

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Just bought a 2005 nissan titan off road with the e locker on it...the e locker does not engage...researched...yada....yada.
i found the two connectors near the pumpkin where the connectors to the elocker would be at....they were tucked away with straps...and the pumpkin had nowhere to connect these wires...

so my question is: is it possible that they swapped it to a non e locker axle? wouldn't that throw a code? i have no elocker and perhaps a non elocker axle it possible to have done that? with no codes showing in the dash board?

what else can i do? i also saw a sticker on the axle from an auto it was changed....i believe...

please shed some light into this....i am very dissapointed i did not check this before i left the dealership...

956 212 2388 mike
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careful with the door 2005LE w Big Tow has 2.9 in the door code and a 3.36 front and rear diff. better to test both the diffs for rotation counts.
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