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2005 Nissan Titan Rear Axle Assembly with E locker

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Just bought a 2005 nissan titan off road with the e locker on it...the e locker does not engage...researched...yada....yada.
i found the two connectors near the pumpkin where the connectors to the elocker would be at....they were tucked away with straps...and the pumpkin had nowhere to connect these wires...

so my question is: is it possible that they swapped it to a non e locker axle? wouldn't that throw a code? i have no elocker and perhaps a non elocker axle it possible to have done that? with no codes showing in the dash board?

what else can i do? i also saw a sticker on the axle from an auto it was changed....i believe...

please shed some light into this....i am very dissapointed i did not check this before i left the dealership...

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It sounds like your fears are correct.
There should be a electrical connector on the top of the differential housing for the wires to connect to. If there is no connector then you do NOT have an e-locker.
The best bet for you would be to drain the oil and pull the rear differential cover and see what type and gear ratio you actually have.
It needs to match the gear ratio of the front differential also.
Check your door code.
The door code of CC29 is 2.94 and the code of CC33 is 3.36
Thanks for the door tag heads up Nick Name??. LOL

Here is a post from HYPR years ago..:

Place a strip of painters tape on the driveshaft and one on the wheel. With someone looking under the jacked up car rotate the wheel and count the driveshaft revolutions and compare. For example 41 rotations of the shaft with 10 rotations of the wheel is 41/10 or approx. 4.10.
If you were counting the teeth in the pinion gear and the ring gear the same formula works 43 teeth on the ring gear and 11 teeth on the pinion is 43/11 or 3.90 ratio.

I Highly doubt that the previous owner would be that uneducated to install different ratios but....
The differentials would fight each other in 4-wheel drive and bind the drive-train to the point where something would eventually break.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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